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Here in Expansion Garden

we use various practices and tools to help you discover who you truly BE and where your issues lie.

Spiritual healing takes many forms. We encourage those seeking healing to explore all modalities that resonate within. 

 Expansion Garden 



We all carry trauma. We all have healing to do. The deeper we get in to our process, the more shadow is revealed. As this continues to happen, we are continually offered greater opportunity to go deeper within ourselves, deep in to those places within our being that we didn't realize were even there. 

As one moves through the healing journey, the process of awakening to the true self, it is common to feel as though the people who always knew you no longer understand you. This doesn't mean you must end these relationships! You can change any situation simply by shifting the energy within and around it. We have the tools to help you learn how. 

Begin the change within yourself and connect with us. Step in to the space of expansion and watch everything around you grow, including you. We want to help you discover your true self and create some peace, ease and yes, even joy in your life! 


What We Offer

  • Conscious Inquiry

  • Discovery Yoga in Kripalu Tradition

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Healing Sound Therapy

  • Guided Meditation

Connect With Us

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