Ambi; origin Hindu

meaning: Water, Woman, Nurse, Mother


When I began yoga teacher training, my teacher told our small class of three that even though she did not assign Sanskrit names for her students, we were at liberty to choose one for our own. This excited me greatly, as I am a lover of Sanskrit. Also, being a person with such a unique name as Ambrosia, informally known as the unusual name of Ambi, I have always been interested in the meanings of names and gave my children names that I felt were synonymous with the person that the universe knew them to be.


So, in my quest to find just the right Sanskrit name for myself, I started researching the meanings and origins of names. I saw that Deva, a name taken by American women, is actually the masculine form of "diety" whereas the feminine form would be Devi, which sounds like the American masculine name Davey. I read and read until I finally turned to my source. "Truth", I said, "What Sanskrit name would you give me?" I paused to listen. 

I became aware that my nickname, Ambi could be Sanskrit if pronounced just the right way, so I looked it up. Eureka! Ambi is already a Sanskrit name! I read on and discovered the definition fit me perfectly. Everyone who knows me will recognize the alignment instantly. 

Somehow, this knowledge allowed more space for me to I was settle in to my personal identity a little more comfortably. I wouldn't be required to change anything. I didn't need a new Sanskrit name, because I had been given one before my birth. "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet before nations." Jer. 1:5

Ambi meaning

What would your Sanskrit name be?